How to Play Online

My preference for the game will be via an IRC chat so that we can take advantage of IRC bots to help us out. Otherwise they will take place via AIM chats and be far inferior D:

Either way, we will be keeping to some specific chat conventions to ensure we all understand what’s going on.

When your character is speaking, put the text in quotes: “Do it like this.” When your character is acting in IRC, do /me. /me runs out of the cave. If you’re describing something in IRC, or performing an action on AIM, use asterisks: * Arc walks out of the room * or * the shirt is black * When you’re saying something out of character or asking a question to the GM: We’ll have a separate room for that.

When I am setting up a scene or doing a lengthy descriptive passage, I will end with an ellipses (...) if I need to send it in multiple pieces. Please try not to interrupt until I finish a description.

If you want to react to something, but it will take time to type out, put a placeholder by sending “1” and then moving to type what you wished to say/do. When you complete it, we will work to see if your character could say/do it within the timeframe.

Once I look into IRC tools, I will put info on connecting to the IRC room and any bot commands here.

How to Play Online

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