Kilian Eliguis


Kilian was a scribe and historian, rather soft-spoken and ill-suited to adventuring. Yet, somehow he found himself on a quest that shook the very foundations of his country’s faith and power. First ushered on the quest by the church to document a strange blight that appeared wherever Marcus did, he later found himself following the directions and advice brought to him by dreams.

After a long journey aside Arc, Asteria, and the paladin Bale, he faced the goddess Ce’Nedra in combat to save the world as they knew it. With the sacrifice of Bale, the three were able to succeed in defeating her. With the gods Keidrick and Kyrin also gone from the world, a remaining member of “The Council” who together share control over the world as gods, approached the three with an offer. “Take the place of the original three, or return the power of the amulets to the dead creator. However, you must know that a power vacuum may upset the power balance more than Ce’Nedra’s attempted coup. If your lands are left unguarded they, and perhaps the rest of the world, may become a battleground.”

They took the amulets for themselves and have since kept the same uneasy truce with the world as their predecessors had for hundreds of years. It was at this time Kilian managed one last conversation with the voice that spoke to him in dreams. It was literally a muse, the eternal existence which first gave the long dead god the idea to use his energy to create a world. Kilian never heard the voice again, though he has sought out ways to contact it.

Kilian Eliguis

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