Arc Hiberna

Previously an arena fighter, Arc followed the trail Marcus left him. Today he serves as one of the gods of the "Divine Lands"


An exceptional arena fighter, wielding both retorts and sabre. Arc became involved when Marcus showed up after an arena fight, telling him to seek out his heretic father. Angry at his absent father, he took the bait and set off with his buddy Thom. Unfortunately, he was taken in by the church for questioning after Marcus’ display and was forced to work with the church to find the mysterious Marcus.

After a long journey aside Kilian, Asteria, and the paladin Bale, he faced the goddess Ce’Nedra in combat to save the world as they knew it. With the sacrifice of Bale, the three were able to succeed in defeating her. With the gods Keidrick and Kyrin also destroyed a remaining member of “The Council,” the group of gods who together share control over the world, approached the three with an offer. “Take the place of the original three, or return the power of the amulets to the dead creator. However, you must know that a power vacuum may upset the power balance more than Ce’Nedra’s attempted coup. If your lands are left unguarded they, and perhaps the rest of the world, may become a battleground.”

They took the amulets for themselves and have since kept the same uneasy truce with the world as their predecessors had for hundreds of years.

Arc Hiberna

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