Those who have learned the tale of Marcus and Ce'Nedra know it to be one of madness, sorrow, and desperate insanity. Now dead and lost forever to the void, few things have changed since Marcus first led his followers from the holy cities.

In the place of Keidric, Ce'Nedra, and Kyrin now sit Kilian, Arc, and Asteria at the round-table of Gods. This is not their story.

On the other side of the continent new forces have claimed power as well. If you believe this is the story of a dark elf dancer, a hulking orc, and a blood mage, you are wrong again.

This is the story of an old monk and his four young charges who discover a secret previously only known to the dead. Marcus the Cleric, his youthful vibrance and innocence stolen and sealed away by his sister Ce'Nedra untouched by time itself.

Little did they know, his waking would again bring the world to the brink of destruction.

(This will be a long term game that takes characters from level 1 possibly as far as the epics as the unknown areas of the world are explored)

His Better Half

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